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1″ Wired Irrigation Flow Meter Pulse Sensor, 1004-EX, Compatible with Rachio Gen 3, Rachio Pro Series, and Spruce Smart Controllers

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Model 1004-EX is a 1” vortex irrigation flow meter that provides highly accurate, real-time flow monitoring. It features a display and has a 2 wire interface with shared power and pulse signal. (Compatible with Rachio Generation 3 and Pro Series Smart Wi-Fi Controllers) This model comes with upstream straight length and unions for easy installation.

1″ Wireless Irrigation Flow Meter Pulse Sensor, WM-1000, Compatible with Rachio Gen 3 and Pro Series Smart Controllers

WM-1000 $299.99

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EveryDrop wireless flow meters provide highly accurate, real-time water use monitoring. Connect the flow interface to a Rachio sensor port for flow data in your Rachio app. (Not compatible with first-generation Rachio controllers.) Calibrate the flow meter to monitor water use for individual irrigation zones and trigger alerts for abnormal behavior. The device requires two AA batteries and installs in-line on a standard 1-inch water supply line after a back-flow preventer. That means that you have to cut the pipe in order to install it, so we recommend you consider calling a professional to install your flow meter.

Flume Water Monitor: Smart Home Water Monitoring to Detect Leaks & Track Water Usage in Real Time.

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The Flume Smart Home Water Monitor & Leak Detector Comes With Everything You Need to Start Protecting Your Home Today We know you aren't a master plumber so we have included everything you need to get you going in minutes. The Flume Smart Water Monitor & Leak Detector comes with: An easy to install Flume Water Monitor complete with mounting straps A wifi bridge with a power cord A meter lid tool